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FAQ: Vegas Wolf Pack Series

Q: What does it mean to be Awakened or Unawakened?
A: Anyone with a parent with shifter DNA passes down the gene, which makes that person Unawakened. It takes an Alpha wolf to scent an Unawakened wolf. Only an Alpha can Awaken a wolf, which is done through an Awakening ceremony where the Alpha bites the shoulder of the Unawakened wolf, inserting venom into the bloodstream. This ceremony typically happens at age 10.

Q: What are Fated Mates, how are they determined, and what does it actually mean?
A: Fated Mates are couple pairings that The Fates (mystical forces who rule over the shifters) decide. It is unknown how The Fates determine the Mates, but only 10% of wolves ever find their Fated.

Q: What does it mean to reject your Mate, and what happens if you do?
A: As Mates are revered in shifter packs, it is exceptionally rare for Fated Mates to reject each other. However, in the limited retellings of this occurring, it is said that The Fates will be angered by the rejection of their path and, as punishment, will take away the wolf from both parties. Additionally any offspring from those individuals would also never receive their wolf.

Q: What age can an Awakened wolf find their Mate and how are they found?
A: Wolves can scent their Mate if both wolves are 18 years old. Both wolves must have reached their 18th year, but both wolves do NOT have to be Awakened to identify the scent. The Awakened wolf will be able to scent their Unawakened Mate. Unawakened wolves cannot scent their Mate, but will be drawn to them until Awakened.

Q: How can you identify a Mated couple, and what is the mating ceremony?
A: Fated Mates can only be identified by their identical markings once the mating occurs. After the Mating ceremony, matching images are chosen by the Fates and are placed on the back of the neck. The stronger the pairing the larger or more elaborate the mark.

Q: What are the advantages of having a Fated Mate?
A: Mated wolves gain the advantage of being able to mind-link with their Mate in addition to being able to pull on their partner’s wolf, making their own wolf stronger. It is rumored that the strongest bonds can even see through each other’s eyes. A note of caution: if one of the Fated Mates dies, it will not only take away this additional strength but weaken the wolf that is left behind. Most Mates cannot survive once their Fated dies. Those who survive, live a half-life with a weaker wolf that ages more quickly, cannot heal as effectively, and will struggle to shift over time.

Q:  What is the LLC?
A: Lycan Legal Council. This species government oversees all wolf packs within North America. It is made up of one Alpha per state or district as elected by the sitting governing body as a whole. Alphas retain their seat until they die or it is contested, at which point a vote is made to replace or retain their position. Alphas must win 51% of the votes. A seat may only be contested once every two years.

Q: What is the LLC’s purpose?
A: To ensure the species stays hidden from humans, as a form of protection from other shifter breeds, vampires, witches, and fae, and to ensure the longevity of the species through historical records, carry out enforcement of laws, and as moral guides to future generations.

Q: How are the Alphas of a wolf pack replaced?
A: Most packs have established bloodlines where the title is passed down from generation to generation; however, any wolf may challenge the sitting Alpha to take over the pack. An Alpha may only control one designated pack and must get LLC approval to combine packs. This prevents the strongest Alpha from taking over every pack in the country, thus ruining the balance of power.

Q: What skills do Alpha wolves have?
A: Alpha wolves have the ability to scent Unawakened wolves, can use Command to order lower-ranked wolves to follow their orders, and have stronger, faster wolves than Betas or common wolves. If an Alpha leads a pack, they can mind-link to anyone in the pack and have a connection to each pack member, allowing them to feel and manipulate their emotions. Additionally, Alphas can Awaken Unawakened wolves and complete pack initiations.

Q: What is a Beta wolf?
A: A mid-level wolf. This kind of wolf is strong and fast. They tend to be excellent protectors. Their wolves outrank common wolves but cannot best Alpha wolves. Betas make strong Seconds and/or enforcers in the pack and usually hold pack positions.

Q: What is a Common wolf?
A: Any wolf without extra abilities. They can be part of the pack, have Mates, and pass on the shifter genes. Usually, these wolves are not closely tied to pack decisions and are only part of the pack for the protection it offers.

Q: What is an Alpha wolf’s ‘Second’?
A: The Second in the pack can be filled by another Alpha ( usually not as strong as the Alpha) or by a Beta. This position is the right hand of the pack leader. The Second calls the shots when the Alpha has other business or is away from the area. All pack members follow the orders of the Second like they are the Alpha, and this is a highly regarded and respected position within the pack.

Q: What are a wolf pack’s membership rules?
A: A wolf must swear alliance to the sitting Alpha, vow to protect those within the pack from all enemies and pay protection taxes to the pack annually. If a wolf cannot afford the tax, they will work off the debt doing pack duties. Pack members are required to stay in the territory unless notice is given to the Alpha.

Q: How does one get out of a wolf pack?
A: The Alpha can exile a wolf from his pack, publicly disowning them and effectively making them a lone wolf with no attachments to their previous pack. If a wolf is requesting to move territories, the Alpha can decide to allow and facilitate the transition, creating a trade or alliance with the new territory, or alternatively, they can deny the request, forcing the wolf to stay in their territory until they complete some task or pay for their release.

Q: What needs to be done if a wolf wants to move territories?
A: The pack must be notified if a pack wolf from another pack will be entering their territory. A formal request can be made through the Alpha’s main office or business. This request outlines the reason for travel into the territory, point of entry and exit, and length of stay. Most often, this is to ensure the safety of the traveling wolf, however, it also prevents unnecessary wars.

Q: What abilities do wolves have that are different from humans?
A:  Enhanced sight and hearing, speed and strength, rapid healing, ability to transform into oversized wolves; Alphas have the ability to Command, which influences choice, and all wolves are difficult to kill.

Q: Does an Awakened person have full control over their wolf?
A: No. Wolves can fight for and take control if left unchecked. The stronger the wolf the harder to restrain when they want to take over. Shifters can work on their control, and they get better at working with rather than against their wolves the older they get.

Q: What are Awakened wolves vulnerable to?
A: Silver, Fire, Command, Human diseases, Decapitation, and excessive trauma injury ( if unable to shift to heal fast enough)

Q:  What are ‘Alpha Retreats,’ and what is their purpose?
A: Alpha retreats are conducted once a year on seventeen and eighteen-year-old Alpha wolves in line for pack leadership. This retreat is designed to determine superiority as well as create alliances and information sharing between packs. There must be 15 eligible cadets to have a retreat, or it will be postponed to the following year and would then allow nineteen-year-olds to participate.

Q: What rules does the LLC set regarding humans?
A: If a human finds out about the existence of shifter wolves, they are to be killed immediately. No exceptions.

Q: What is the wolf pack “Luna”?
A: The Alpha’s partner or mate.


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