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Amanda Nichole is the author of the Vegas Wolf Pack Series novels. Her style combines urban fantasy with a bit of spice. She believes her characters guide her stories and let them run amok, busting outlines, rewriting timelines, and even causing series headaches. While writing was a passion she came to find later in life, her love for reading has always been a huge part of who she is.

Amanda Nichole spends her days teaching middle school English Language Arts, and her nights and weekends chasing around her three wild children and husband, often on the slopes with a snowboard. In stolen moments in between, she sneaks in a chapter or two to satisfy the need to tell her characters’ stories. Amanda lives her life trying to soak up every possible moment, and because of this, requires an exorbitant amount of caffeine to fuel her busy schedule. Most of all, Amanda hates talking about herself in the third person and is also terrible at tooting her own horn.


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